About Us

What is Young Men's Service League?

Service to others in need whether in my neighborhood or my city

Opening of eyes to the lives of those around us…often we go through our busy day and do not stop to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.  One hour of my time to serve someone in need can provide me with a lifetime of vision that may change the lives of many.

Mothers and sons

Time goes so quickly that we must try to capture an element of ours sons souls.  If we serve side by side he will not only learn about other’s needs, he will also learn about his own character and a respect for the mother/son relationship that he might not have seen otherwise.  He may see his mom as someone different than he knew and see a place in her heart that he will remember as he grows into a young man with his own family and that memory  will encourage him to teach the same compassion that he witnessed to his family


We realize that through many  small (and sometimes large) efforts of a group many  great things can be accomplished.   By combining the efforts of say 200  people in a chapter children can be feed, buildings can be improved, elderly can smile, handicapped kids can dream, food pantrys can grow,   love can be shown.

Leaders will emerge…

Leadership is a word that is used a lot in our day and age.  YMSL works in two ways to develop leaders.  One is through our young men.   We teach core leadership values and how they will use those values to lead in their communities and beyond.  Many will continue to serve in college, their workplaces and eventually their cities as a result of the things they learn in YMSL.  YMSL will sometimes provide a young man an environment to risk becoming a leader when he might not have otherwise.  Through this he gains a confidence going forward may reach a future goal that may have been able to reach.

Moms also grow and become stronger leaders. Many women have not lead in any capacity prior to YMSL are now comfortable and confident in roles they would not have dreamed of taking.  They learn a variety of new skills, are introduced to some amazing women within their organization, and they personally benefit from their new network relationships.

Mostly we are about hearts.  Hearts that hear the call to help, hearts that make the time in their busy day to step out of their lives and into others lives, and hearts who are willing to make an organization grow, have integrity and become a force within their community that will be recognized for their commitment and service.